About Us

Special-ly Au-some Moms Support Group is about more than just connecting special needs families to each other. It’s about building a community with all families. Our mission is to be an aid to every parent, organization, and community to find the supports they need. Our goal is to educate every community on the importance for parent support, as well as train them to provide those very supports. Whether it be a parent, an organization, a church, a non profit, or just someone in the community who desires to reach the special needs community, we are here to help you!

Our founder Tiffany Long started SAMSG in 2016. What started as a time set aside for moms with children with special needs to get together has blossomed into a bigger vision. Her desire for all communities to see such a group formed in their local area is the driving force behind this organization.


If you would like someone to contact you with more information or how to help teach you and/or your organization to start a group for your local families, please fill out the form below.